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While Cambodian culture is tolerant of homosexuality, the gay and lesbian scene here is definitely nothing like in the major cities in Thailand. Former King Norodom Sihanouk was a keen supporter of equal rights for same-sex partners and this looks to have inspired a a lot of open attitude among younger Khmer. Phnom Penh and Siem Reap have many gay-friendly bars, however it’s a low-keyed scene compared with some other parts of Asia.

With same-sex traveling partners – gay or otherwise – checking into hotels across Kingdom of Cambodia, there’s very little consideration over how travelling foreigners are connected. However, it’s prudent to not to flaunt your sexuality. like heterosexual couples, lusty public displays of fondness are considered rude.

There’s a vibrant emerging gay scene within the capital Phnom Penh, that ought to not be missed by travelers who want to stay away from the slick and predatory paid sex scenes that may be found elsewhere within the region. Cambodian gays aren’t burdened by colonial law or anti-gay spiritual traditions, though some are pressured to get in arranged marriage. Those gays usually continue their gay nature after work and before going home to their families.

Expats have started a more visible gay scene than the discreet Khmer. The younger, “Fresh” generation don’t appear inclined to hide themselves or to take gayness too seriously.

AIDS/HIV education is openly addressing sexual topics, introducing information regarding homosexuality in a very sensible, rational way.

Local gay guys still have a lot to learn about safe sex. It’s a social taboo to buy condoms, and even asking them in a gay sauna can be a taunting experience. Local atmosphere seems sometimes weird with the attitude to have discreet sex in a gay sauna filled with likeminded people.

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